Become a source of pride for our workers and shareholders; exceed stakeholder expectations through leadership, innovation and long-term exceptional performance.


Commitments with our stakeholders:

  • Stockholders: Achieve outstanding long-term value creation through profitable growth, continuous portfolio optimization and careful investment in new opportunities.
  • Employees: Be a great place to work. Attract and develop the best talent, motivating them to achieve their full potential.
  • Clients: Exceed expectations with superior experiences and innovative offerings.
  • Suppliers: Build long lasting mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Community: Encourage safe and sustainable operations. Contribute to the development of our communities.


  • Integrity: Our actions are governed by our commitment to ethical conduct and social responsibility.
  • Respect and Empathy: We consider diversity as a strength. We seek to incorporate individuals with different backgrounds and experiences. We aspire to provide a work environment that promotes trust and cooperation.
  • Results Oriented: We are committed to value creation and to the continuous improvement of our businesses. All our employees embody a personal commitment to improving the performance of the company.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial Approach: Encourage and reward innovation and development of new business opportunities.
  • Customer focus: Committed to exceed our clients’ needs.
Code of Ethics Anticorruption Policy