Alfa and its subsidiaries joined efforts to give more transparency, confidence and security to their relationships with companies and employees.

In order to maintain the transparency environment in our company we have created the, “Integrity and Transparency Helpline”. You are encouraged to contact us via email or telephone whenever you want to address any situation you consider is not achieving the transparency and security levels that our organization requires.

Your comments may be submitted anonymously, but we encourage you to leave your contact information in case a follow up is needed. We will take all reasonable measures that are appropriate to keep the information you provide confidential.

In order to conduct a full investigation, we need as much specific, factual information as possible.

Call Toll Free Numbers:

Germany – Nemak 0800-180-8939
Germany – Sigma Europe 0800-181-0363
Argentina 0800-444-5685
Austria 0800-293-215
Brazil 0800-892-2016
Belgium 0800-72050
Canada 1-866-238-2860
Chile 800-914-378
China +86-21-2068-9511
Costa Rica 2430-9795
Ecuador 1-800-000-543
USA 1-866-482-1957
El Salvador 2527-8499
Spain Nemak 900-937-915
Spain Sigma Europa 900-921-110
France 0800-909-271
Hungary 06-800-16476
India 000-800-100-5794
Italy 800-97-25-14
Long Distance +52-818-748-2991
Mexico 800-265-2532
Netherlands 0800-022-2762
Peru 0800-54109
Poland 00800-112-4028
Portugal 800-506-044
Czech Republic 800-701-160
Dominican Republic 1-888-751-4724
Slovakia 0800-606-251
Turkey +90-850-766-2441
Romania 0800-894-075
Russia 880-030-17408

You can write and send your message by accessing the following link

Or you can send an email to the following e-mail address